High-Protein Shakes. High-Flavor Results.

Serrano Nutrition in Katy, Texas is here to provide you with protein-packed shakes that are both nutritional and full of flavor. Customers love the texture and flavor of our shake options, and the 25+ grams of protein per drink doesn’t hurt!

You’re busy, but also want to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet. Serrano Nutrition only offers nutritional ingredients to boost the effectiveness and flavor of our drinks. Choose from one of our original mixtures or find your favorite among the dozens of delicious combinations, as well as our famous MEGA shakes.

Serrano Nutrition offers sweet treats for health-minded individuals, and we’re happy to personalize your drink. Our team lives for customer satisfaction and unbeatable flavors. Let us know what you’re craving, and we may just add it to our menu. We’re always on the lookout for the freshest ingredients and hottest blends to help our community thrive!

Personalize Your Shake

No matter your plans, it pays to have the right ingredients to supercharge your day and promote healthy living. You can increase your energy, improve your focus, boost your immune system, and more. Check out our shake menu to find your favorite flavors, and don’t forget to make any requests to improve your drink!