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From our indulgent crepes and waffles to our protein-packed shakes and health-minded teas, Serrano Nutrition has the healthy goods to satisfy your cravings, without all the bad stuff. Our mixologists can personalize your protein shake or tea to meet your needs, combining healthy ingredients full of beneficial vitamins and minerals you need. We love making our customers smile, and will be happy to help you thrive with delicious nutritional support.

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Feel Good & Look Great With Serrano Nutrition

Everyone has a favorite place to relax and enjoy their favorite beverage. If you’re located near Katy, Texas and are ready for a delicious take on today’s healthiest food and drinks, Serrano Nutrition offers tasty options tailored for your taste buds. Our smoothie joint was founded to help the community thrive through healthy and nutritious options, prepared for each and every individual. If you want something, let us know, and we may add it to the menu (just like our walnut and coconut shaving additions!). We strive to offer unbeatable flavors and only the healthiest menu options!

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Healthy Drinks & Food



All of our smoothies are packed with protein, 21 vitamins and minerals, less sugar, low fat, and enough macronutrients your body needs to fuel you just like a full meal would.



Whether you take your drink cool and energizing or hot and fresh, our healthy teas are here to treat you right. Find a tea for every occasion!


Protein Crepes

Choose from decadent flavors and sweet toppings to energize your day. Our Texas crepes offer 24 grams of protein!


Protein Waffles

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or cookies & cream? Serrano Nutrition offers flavorful waffles packed full of protein.

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